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Posted at 11:00 - July 1st

New Rescue Dept Challenges

With the changing of technology we are updaing and devlopng new products to meet the new challenges. Rescue team around the country are now have to ready for complex electrical systems that have famable batteries and system all over the car. It common now to have batteries under the hood and in the trunk. So Rescue Depts have to be able open all part of cars and trucks fast!

Saw Shoe equipment saws are better able to meet this need by contolling cut depth which speeds the process considably . In tests it has shown cut the time in half.

Expert Thoughts

"When it comes to working on a job site, safety should always be a top priority. That's why using the right tools is crucial. With Saw Shoe Guides, cutting through concrete slabs has never been easier and more acurate. The Saw Shoe make your saws work better to make the job less fatiguing, so your team can stay focused and get the job done efficiently and safely."

Mitch Crowfield

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